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The Red Card

Sam, an outsider in her high school, is finally invited to the most secretive party of the year, but when the party spirals out of control, Sam is confronted by a disturbing side of her date and her peers that she never expected.

With a compelling performance from Amber Collins-Ives as Sam, and a subtle yet strong social statement from Brawer, The Red Card deserves all the recognition it is earning on the festival circuit. Dana Brawer is definitely a filmmaker to watch.
— The Hot Pink Pen

Signing Out

Two young women, still recovering from the end of their romantic relationship, unknowingly see the same therapist years later and are forced to come to terms with what really happened.

Through subtle and delicate storytelling... Signing Out excels in this regard, a small story incredibly authentic in its portrayal of young relationships, instead of glorifying them for the screen.
— FF2 Media


When setting up her new phone, Jillian realizes how connected she still is to her ex.