"Signing Out" sneak peak

A little ungraded sneak peak from my newest short film, Signing Out, written by/starring the amazingly talented Adriana Leonard and Jenna Michno. Thank you Madeline Berger, our also amazingly talented director of photography, and the rest of the cast and crew, for lending us your brains for the weekend!

Interview & Review by FF2 Media

A whopping thank you to FF2 Media & The Hot Pink Pen for publishing an interview with me as well as a positive review of The Red Card!

FF2 called me their "Filmmaker to Watch," and in the interview, Jessica Perry and I discuss The Red Card, my inspiration as an artist, and what it's like being a young women in the film industry. 

Be sure to check out The Red Card review, too.  "With a compelling performance from Amber Collins-Ives as Sam, and a subtle yet strong social statement from Brawer, The Red Card deserves all the recognition it is earning on the festival circuit. Dana Brawer is definitely a filmmaker to watch, and I can’t wait to see what she does next!"

First Place Award for Best Editing - The Monthly Film Festival

Just announced this morning, I took home the first place prize for Editor of the Month in The Monthly Film Festival for the short film, Sweet Hollow


Sweet Hollow won some other awards, too. Henry Zaballos won for best cinematography, and Sweet Hollow won second place for best film overall, in addition to Alison Kremelberg earning a nomination for Best Actress and Danny Lee earning a nomination for Best Trailer.

Click here to read about other winners this month! And be sure to LIKE Sweet Hollow on Facebook!

The Red Card at Santa Fe Independent Film Festival

Executive producer, Alan Brewer, and producer, Sean Lee, and I all had the pleasure of attending the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival for the New Mexico premiere of The Red Card.

Highlights from Shriekfest Film Festival

Last week, Sweet Hollow, written/directed by Sean Lee, edited by Dana Brawer, premiered at Shriekfest Film Festival in Los Angeles. Sweet Hollow was one of only five films to be nominated for best super short film.

Sean Lee and Dana Brawer get spooky at Shriekfest

Sean Lee and Dana Brawer get spooky at Shriekfest

Sean Lee (right), Denise Gossett- Shriekfest founder (middle), Dana Brawer (right)

No better way to kick off the month of October than with three full days of horror films! Thank you, Denise Gossett and the Shriekfest team for having us.